Setup Your Code In Azure DevOps Repository

Hello Everyone,

Today i will walk through how we can setup our code inside Azure DevOps Repository.


1.Azure DevOps Subscription

2.Visual Studio 2015/17/19

Login to It will prompt you to create an organisation, give a proper name. I am using “d365devopslearn”.

Now you need to click on New Project. once you click on new project you will see a new window as below:

Give proper project name , i am using “Solution Move”. You can set the visibility as per the requirement , as I am setting “Private” and click on Create.

Now your DevOps project is setup. Now add your Repository here by clicking Repos as shown below:

Now you need to connect with your source code, for that we have different ways to connect. I am connecting locally from my system , for that select Clone in Visual Studio as shown below:

It will open VS as shown below. Once you click on Connect it will prompt you to enter organisation credentials.

Once it is connected , you can create your Solution and add your code in it.

Here I just added simple .net class library file for testing. Now to see the changed code you need to click on pen like image seen below right corner .After that you can Commit All and Push the changes to DevOps Repository.

Once the code is committed and pushed it will shows as below:

Now you can see all the changes made to your code into DevOps Repos. As you can see below 🙂

For any questions feel free to ask in comment box.